Solar & Renewable Energy Solutions For Central Coast to Newcastle Properties. When you choose DNR Solar, you know you are doing it right.

Make the switch to solar in 3 easy steps!

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Contact our team

Our dedicated local team comes to you or you can visit our showroom to begin your DNR Solar journey!

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Design and Install

We design your system to ensure the best exposure throughout the year. Our team will install to the highest industry standards.

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Activation and SAVE

Our world-class team is located at Morisset, offering you all the support and advice for your solar system.

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You can save up to 95% from your current power bill!

At DNR Solar, we’re dedicated to being as environmentally friendly as possible. Which is why we offer a complete solar installation and maintenance service.

With electricity prices on the rise and millions of Australians
now living in homes without solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on their rooftops, there has never been a better time to consider going solar.

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Grid-connected Solar

If you don’t want to be completely self-sufficient, or you’re not confident your roof can get enough sunlight, a grid-connected solar system is your best choice.

Still tied into the main power grid, these systems are great for families on a tight budget or households with high power demands. Depending on the size of your system, how much power you use and at what times, you could find your power bills substantially reduced.

Grid-connected systems feed surplus electricity back into the main grid, giving you a payment or credit for that electricity—usually referred to as a feed in tariff.

As with stand-alone units, grid-connected solar systems can vary in size and will need to be customised to suit your home or building. Generally, a 4-5kW system will be enough to completely power a medium-sized household but speak to our experienced team for an accurate estimate.

Thinking of solar? There’s so many options in the market. Doing it the DNR way means you are working with a local team, with dedicated teams to your install and servicing.