Solar Batteries with DNR

DNR now provide you with the complete Solar Coverage, with Sungrow and DNR you'll always have power.

Solar Battery 1

Run your power no matter what

Our Solar Batteries do not require electricity from the grid to start. That means power everyday, no matter what.

Solar Battery 2

Connected to your solar

The 3-phase Hybrid is capable of supplying up to 9.9kw.

Solar Battery 3

Install and SAVE

Our world-class team is located at Morisset, offering your all the support and advice for your solar battery.

Solar Battery 6


The 3-phase Hybrid fully complies with the VDE-AR 2510-2 regulation. All required security standards for stationary electrical energy storage systems intended for connection to the low voltage grid are met completely.

Nothing to worry about! In case of a blackout the 3-phase Hybrid will automatically switch into backup mode – you won’t even see the light flicker. Within less than 20 ms a bypass switch will open and up to 9.9 kW of
loads connected to the backup port will be supplied by the battery and PV.

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