Frequently Asked Electrical, Solar & Air Conditioning Questions

Not sure what cooling system is right for you? Unsure how to install solar panels? Keep reading to see answers to some of the questions we’re most frequently asked. If the answer to your query isn’t here, call our friendly team and we’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.

That depends mostly on the size of the area you are cooling. Split systems are ideal for single rooms or small areas, whereas ducted air conditioners are better for multi-room cooling.

Of course, budget and space do play a role, as established homes or buildings may struggle to find room to install all the ducts necessary to operate smoothly. Split systems are also more affordable upfront and can be easily added to most existing properties. Contact our team for more information.

LED lights are a simple and effective way to reduce your carbon footprint. They use significantly less electricity than standard incandescent bulbs but still provide a great amount of bright lighting. They also look great!

Yes! Of course, the viability of the system will depend on your location and the amount of sunlight your panels receive. However, if your property meets the criteria, we are able to design and install a system, including inverters, solar panels and deep-cycle batteries to ensure your property won’t need to connect to the main grid ever again.

Absolutely. We specialise in wiring for new homes, renovations and extensions. We will work with you before starting the project and plan out your wiring and electrical needs. We liaise with other trades to ensure your renovation or extension is finished on time and on budget.

Ducted air conditioners are fitted with technology that assigns each room, or select area, a zone number. You are then able to control the temperature and cooling of each of these zones individually. For Actron units, this is the digital scroll technology, specifically designed for extreme Australian climates. Contact our air conditioning specialists for more information.