Solar & renewable energy solutions for Central Coast properties

At DNR Air Conditioning & Electrical, we're dedicated to being as environmentally friendly as possible. Which is why we offer a complete solar installation and maintenance service. With both stand-alone and grid-connected options available, we have a solar solution for every property.
Stand-alone Solar — Solar Central Coast in Central Coast, NSW

Stand-Alone Solar

Stand-alone solar—also known as off grid—is a fantastic choice if you're looking to be truly self-sufficient. These systems are almost always custom-designed and are a unique feature for any property.

Using state-of-the-art storage batteries and cleverly designed systems, we can ensure you'll never need to connect to the grid again. Depending on the needs of your household or building, we'll offer small, medium and large system designs. Of course, we'll work within your budget and any aesthetic requirement you may have.

The storage batteries are important for a good stand-alone system. If there are long periods of rain, cloudy weather or just a general lack of sun, your system will be able to operate from the deep-cycle battery your panels are connected too.

Stand-alone solar isn't only good for the home though, we're more than happy to design small, cost-effective systems that can keep your shed, patio or outdoor mancave powered throughout the year. This includes affordable solar hot water systems as well!
Grid-connected Solar — Solar Central Coast in Central Coast, NSW

Grid-Connected Solar

If you don't want to be completely self-sufficient, or you're not confident your roof can get enough sunlight, a grid-connected solar system is your best choice.

Still tied into the main power grid, these systems are great for families on a tight budget or households with high power demands. Depending on the size of your system, how much power you use and at what times, you could find your power bills substantially reduced.

Grid-connected systems feed surplus electricity back into the main grid, giving you a payment or credit for that electricity—usually referred to as a feed in tariff.

As with stand-alone units, grid-connected solar systems can vary in size and will need to be customised to suit your home or building. Generally, a 4-5kW system will be enough to completely power a medium-sized household but speak to our experienced team for an accurate estimate.

Whether you want to be off-grid and self-sufficient, or you prefer the security of the main lines and just want to lower your power bill, solar is the best choice. Contact our licensed electricians to get a quote on affordable solar panels and batteries today.